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If you want an exercise class that provides many other benefits besides a healthy workout, Bay Area BJJ may be perfect for your needs. BJJ—Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—was specifically for the smaller opponent. Mitsuyo Maeda, a Kadokan Judo master stayed with the Brazilian Gracie family and the father helped him establish his business. In return, Maeda taught the oldest son judo, who then passed the knowledge to the other children. The smallest, Helio, was at a disadvantage because of his size because many of the moves favored larger and stronger fighters. Helio used his knowledge and created a form of judo that used leverage, to help him win the battles and that was the birth of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

You’ll learn self-defense and lose weight in the process.

The rigorous workout of BJJ can help you shed pounds without really trying. Many people that participate in other forms of exercise, such as treadmills or calisthenics, find they become bored and can hardly wait for the end of their exercise session. You focus your mind on ways of submitting an opponent and the moves required to do it, you seldom think of how much exercise you’re getting and how long you’ve worked out. The time goes quickly and before you know it class ends, but in the process, you’ve burned a huge amount of calories in your workout.

You’ll learn to focus.

When you’re in a contest with an opponent, you have to calm your mind and learn focus. An opponent won’t sit and wait to make a move, giving you time to plan your strategy. They move fast and you have to learn to make quick decisions. That requires calming your mind. This new skill helps you feel more in charge. This can make it an excellent choice for children.

BJJ builds self-confidence and self-esteem.

Studies show that any form of exercise helps create a new self-image, even before any physical changes occur. The skills you develop in BJJ can make you feel more in control and comfortable in the knowledge you can handle an attacker if it’s necessary. That builds self-confidence, making it a good choice for both children and women. The new fitness you’ll experience can build your self-esteem.

You’ll develop self-control with BJJ. It can be an important reason for classes, whether you take BJJ to help you overcome bad habits and make life changes or you enroll a child.

You’ll burn off the effects of stress. Stress hormones are lethal. Exercise helps burn off those brain chemicals and replaces them with ones that make you feel good.

You’ll sleep better at night. All forms of exercise help you sleep.

BJJ can be a great way to replace a sedentary form of entertainment, such as computer games, with a more active one.


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