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If you’re considering a form of exercise that provides so much more than just building muscle strength or aiding in weight loss, a Bay Area self defense class is perfect. Of course, you get all the benefits of exercise, but you also develop a tool for self-defense that can help you in a crisis. Learning to use your body for self-defense means you’ll always have your weapon available and no one else can accidently use it to harm others or themselves, which can occur with a gun or even pepper spray.

You’ll build strength without building bulky muscles.

While you do build muscles, they tend to be sinewy ones giving more definition than bulk. You’ll notice the additional strength you have after working out for a while. Bags of groceries will be lighter and it will be easier to lift the children or do other tasks that occur in daily life. Strength building exercises are excellent for all people, regardless of age or sex. Strength building can be particularly helpful in preventing serious conditions, such as osteoporosis, which can occur later in life.

You’ll improve your endurance.

Self-defense classes not only help you improve your strength and give you the confidence that comes when you know you can defend yourself, but also is a great aerobic workout that can improve your endurance. Unlike many cardiovascular workouts, such as running on a treadmill, it’s not boring. You focus your mind on the next move, as your opponent comes toward you rapidly. You don’t have time to think of how long you’ve been working out and often enjoy the class to much to care.

You’ll burn calories and lose weight without trying.

People who sign up for self-defense classes often notice their clothes fitting looser after a few weeks. Sometimes it’s just because they’ve developed more muscle tissue, which weighs more than fat tissue does per cubic inch, so it makes them look leaner, even though they haven’t lost weight. Most of the time, however, it’s a combination of weight loss and fat tissue being replaced by muscle tissue. The workouts are rigorous, but are also fun and challenging. They burn up calories without you even realizing how hard you work. Whether you maintain the same diet you now consume or change your diet to a healthier low calorie one, you’ll find weight simply drops off without trying.

You’ll feel more confident and have a better self-image. Studies show that people who start any form of exercise improve their self-image even before results show. Learning self-defense can improve your confidence.

You’ll sleep better at night. Exercise of any form helps you sleep sounder, which is important for mental functioning and weight loss.

You’ll burn off stress hormones and replace them with hormones—brain chemicals—that make you feel good.

You’ll have fun conquering the challenges of self-defense class.


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