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You don’t have to experience a life threatening situation to appreciate how Berkeley BJJ can improve your life. Although, many people who have been assaulted or attacked find it helps them regain the feeling of safety and control. Brazilian Jiu jitsu not only is an excellent form of self defense, which doesn’t require strength or power, it’s also a healthy form of exercise that can help you shape up and lose weight, if that’s one of your goals.

Develop confidence with BJJ.

Not only will you develop the confidence that comes from accomplishing goals and conquering new skills, you’ll feel the confidence in knowing you’re capable of protecting yourself no matter how big your attacker is. Fear sends off a signal that alerts others that you can be easily intimidated. When you learn how to defend yourself in a sport, such as BJJ, which moves at top speed, you’ll develop not only confidence, but also the ability to think quickly and remain cool under stress. BJJ is a skill beneficial in all areas of life and helps you deal with physical and psychological bullies. If you’re a woman working in a man’s world, it can help you gain an edge at the workplace.

Eliminate the negative effects of stress and learn to remain calm and cool.

The active movements of Brazilian Jiu jitsu provide a high energy workout. Exercise is a stress buster, burning off all the hormones created by stress and replacing them with hormones such as dopamine or endorphins that make you feel good. However, the physical exertion isn’t all that helps you remain cool and collected while others fall apart, it’s the discipline. BJJ requires self discipline and mental alertness. It teaches you to maintain a sense of calm focus even in the worse situations.

You’ll build your stamina, balance, flexibility and lose weight.

If you want a form of exercise to help you lose weight or become fitter, Brazilian Jiu jitsu is perfect. You’ll get a full body workout each session, while learning skills that can help you in a stressful and dangerous time. Many people who start this type of class, do so with the intentions of working out a few nights a week. However, the power, fun and rush you feel learning new ways to take control often pushes people to begin a new lifestyle, focusing on healthy lifestyle changes.

BJJ is a perfect way to help children learn self defense combined with self discipline. It takes the bully out of the bully and puts confidence into those who are bullied.

BJJ will make you stronger, but won’t build bulky muscles like other forms of exercise do.

You’ll develop more flexibility and grace when you practice BJJ. It’s like taking a dance class, but one that provides self protection.

It increases mobility, so it can help prevent injuries caused by stress and strain of muscles.


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