Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Berkeley

If you’ve only thought of Brazilian Jiu jitsu in Berkeley as a method of self defense, you’d miss some of the most important benefits of this training. Life is easier and yet more difficult these days. We have labor saving devices and cushy desk jobs, but our body suffers because of it. Even people who move and lift continuously throughout the day, such as a mother, who has to lift toddlers or people whose employment require them to lift heavy objects, don’t get a full workout. BJJ can provide functional exercise to increase flexibility and prevent injury.

Brazilian Jiu jitsu helps you learn focus, making it excellent for adults and children.

You’ll learn not to panic when you’re faced with making a fast decision on the best way to submit an attacker. BJJ helps you learn to remain calm, regardless of how fast an attacker moves or how dangerous they look. This can help both adults and children in other areas of their life. The monks who developed the training taught strict discipline as part of it. That practice remains today, helping not only adults to improve their self discipline, but children to develop it. It also teaches respect for the opponent, providing lessons in sportsmanship and tolerance.

You’ll improve your health.

Any form of exercise helps improve health. Brazilian Jiu jitsu, however, offers a full workout, which builds strength, flexibility and stamina. It provides an excellent cardio workout. It provides both aerobic and anaerobic workouts at the same time. While it won’t bulk you up the way weight lifting does, it does increase muscle tone and some muscle mass. You’ll increase your range of motion and flexibility.

You’ll lose weight.

The rigorous workout helps you shed pounds fast. Unlike other forms of exercise, you won’t be focusing on how much longer you have to workout, since your thoughts will be on submitting your opponent, which makes the workout more enjoyable and less of a drudgery. People often find they practice more, meaning they increase their activity more frequently to improve their skills, which causes them to lose weight more rapidly. The monks included a strict diet in the original training, but today, few schools require it.

You’ll eliminate the negative effects of stress on your life. The BJJ workout burns off the stress hormones and replaces them with endorphins and dopamine, which can make you feel better.

People who practice BJJ build self confidence. This is important to anyone, but can be particularly helpful to women and children who often suffer from lack of confidence.

You’ll develop new friends and a sense of community at Brazilian Jiu jitsu training.

You’ll never have to worry about being overtaken by an attacker. You’ll have the best self defense that’s always available and doesn’t require a permit.


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