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Whether you want to improve your own abilities to protect yourself, lose weight, improve your fitness, build self esteem, or want to help your child develop these traits, El Cerrito martial arts classes can be a huge benefit. Martial arts classes provide a wonderful exercise workout, but they also are more than just that. The classes can help you learn methods of martial arts that are always available and fully in control. Unlike weapons or pepper spray, no one can accidently secure access when you have this type of self-protection and harm another individual.

You’ll improve your focus with martial arts classes.

Martial arts courses don’t require brute muscle strength, but do require you to learn strategies to submit an opponent, regardless of their size. You’ll learn to calm your mind and focus on the best technique to insure you come out of the contest victorious. Unlike many movies, where an attacker waits, giving the hero or heroine time to find a stick or weapon, life just isn’t that way and neither are the competitions in martial arts classes. Your opponent comes at you rapidly, with the intent to submit you have to calm your mind and rapidly consider a way to evade his attack and overcome it with a counterattack. Improving focus is helpful to children, particularly those with problems in this area.

You’ll lose weight taking martial arts classes.

Martial arts classes provide a complete workout. They contain both aerobic and anaerobic movements and burn large amounts of calories. Most people that take classes find they lose weight without really trying. Of course, if weight loss is one of your goals, when you combine the class with a healthy diet, you’ll probably meet or exceed your goal of weight loss. Originally, the discipline of many of the forms of self defense required a rigorous diet. While classes today may not provide dietary restrictions, they often build self-control, which can help you stick to a diet.

You’ll be doing moves that improve flexibility, stamina, strength and balance.

Self defense courses not only give you a tool to protect yourself, they give you a full body workout. Many of the moves improve your range of motion and flexibility, as well as your balance. You’ll build strength without building bulky muscles and improve your endurance and stamina.

Martial arts courses can help a child feel more in command of his or her life, particularly if bullies bothered them previously. Not all bullies are in the schoolyard. Adults can feel more confident when faced with a workplace bully too.

Martial arts classes burn off stress hormones, which have a detrimental affect on health.

Martial arts classes are fun and a far better way to spend leisure time than sedentary activities that require electronic devices.

Success breeds success. As you conquer the many moves, you’ll gain a new found self-confidence in other areas of your life.


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