Jiu Jitsu Berkeley

If you want to tone up, slim down and increase your level of fitness Jiu Jitsu in Berkeley is a great place to start. Jiu Jitsu does more than just provide a form of exercise. This martial arts program can provide you with a tool for protection you’ll have with you all the time, no matter what coat you’re wearing or purse you’re carrying. When your body and knowledge of martial arts moves are the weapons, you don’t have to register it as you would a gun and you have total control of it. However, as good as it is for self defense, it also brings other benefits to the table.

You’ll lose weight without trying.

Jiu Jitsu isn’t easy. You’re working out rapidly to attempt to submit the attacker, using moves that require excellent balance and flexibility. You don’t have to be strong to do it, but you’ll find it helps build strength. It’s a great cardio workout, which provides both anaerobic and aerobic exercise. You burn calories like crazy, but it doesn’t feel like you’re working out, since it’s fun and challenging. Your focus will be on your moves, not how many reps of an exercise you have left to do.

It’s a great activity for children or adults of either sex.

While you’ll often find men signing up for martial arts programs, more and more women are finding it extremely beneficial. Since it doesn’t require body strength, but focuses more on using the correct move at the correct time and body leverage, it’s an ideal workout for children and women. Jiu Jitsu helps improve self image and self control. The monks who created Jiu Jitsu demanded self discipline from their students. While you learn self respect, you also learn to respect your opponent, which is excellent for children. Other sports may encourage trash talk, but Jiu Jitsu doesn’t. Both young and old find that mastering each move brings a new level of confidence.

You’ll learn mental focus and a sense of calm.

You have to learn to focus when practicing Jiu Jitsu or you will never submit your opponent. Focusing requires you to stay calm, even when the opponent across from you comes at you with lightening speed moves. This sense of calm and focus extends into everyday life. You’ll find when someone hassles you, you no longer react with a knee jerk reaction but learn a sense of assertiveness to help control and diffuse situations. The focus and sense of assertiveness can be particularly helpful for women and children.

You’ll increase your range of motion to help prevent injury from muscle strains.

Your balance will improve, making your moves look more graceful and energetic.

Jiu jitsu isn’t just a martial art for self defense; it’s a sport, which also builds character and fitness.

The challenge of Jiu jitsu is fun and makes you want to workout more to conquer difficult moves.


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