Kickboxing Classes Richmond

You may have seen television programs where the heroine goes to kickboxing classes then uses her skills to protect herself from thugs later in the program. While we hope you never need the self-defense kickboxing provides, we know you’ll benefit from the rigorous workout and the amazing calorie burning exercises Kickboxing Classes in Richmond provide. Kickboxing can provide many benefits for those who choose it as a method to attain fitness.

You’ll burn off the stress hormones and release your aggression in kickboxing.

There’s nothing better than exercise for burning off cortisol and other hormones created by stress. When you practice kickboxing, you also trigger the brain to release chemicals that make you feel good, such as endorphins or dopamine. You’ll beat up the pads and in your head, can pretend they’re anyone from an ex boyfriend to a boss. There’s no doubt why women leave kickboxing classes feeling so good, they’ve gotten exercise and beat the heck out of a tormentor in their life, without really doing any physical damage to the real person.

Kickboxing tones your entire body.

You’ll be engaging all muscle groups when you kickbox and burn even more calories if you use kickboxing pads instead of air boxing. You get a full core workout that way, which trims your waist and strengthens your back. Kickboxing also builds strength and flexibility, something that weight lifting could never do. You won’t develop big bulky muscles but you will increase your strength and stamina when you kickbox. It’s a grueling form of exercise, which improves your cardiovascular system as well as your muscle tone.

Kickboxing can improve your health and even help eliminate menstrual cramps.

The rugged workout you get from kickboxing not only helps burn fat, but also improves your health in a number of ways. Any type of exercise can reduce your risk for serious conditions, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes and even osteoporosis. Exercise also can help eliminate menstrual cramps or make them less painful. You’ll improve your range of motion and flexibility, which can prevent serious injuries. You’ll also improve your sense of balance and reaction time.

Kickboxing classes can help you think clearer. Stress can create cloudy thinking, but also the exercise you get in class can help create new cells and pathways in your brain and improve your cognitive thinking.

You’ll sleep better at night after a session of kickboxing. When you burn off the stress hormones and create the “happy hormones”, you’re providing your body with the perfect combination to improve your sleep.

You’ll have a better self image when you workout with kickboxing. Studies show that people who start any type of exercise, immediately show an improvement in their self-image, even before they see results. However, with kickboxing, knowing you can defend yourself increases your confidence even more.

You’ll feel sexier after you take lessons for a while. The improved self-image and confidence, as well as the new found energy and dynamic body you developed, may account for this.


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