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If you want to find an activity that’s good for every member of the family, consider Lafayette martial arts classes. Every person who takes martial arts classes reaps benefits, regardless of his or her age or gender. Martial arts isn’t a sport for men or women, it’s a unisex sport where the person who learns the proper techniques and strategies can be victorious over a bigger opponent. It improves focus and helps you maintain a cool mindset by requiring it to plan your countermoves when an opponent comes at you rapidly. Improved focus can benefit school-aged children as well as adults.

Everyone needs to be physically fit and you’ll be setting an example for a healthier lifestyle.

Too many people today never leave a chair when they’re using their free time. All the activity is around a computer or a video game. Exercise is an important factor in a healthy lifestyle. It can help your body fight infection and prevent serious conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and even osteoporosis. Inactivity leads to obesity, America’s number one killer, even surpassing cigarette smoking. Not only will the increased activity keep you healthier, you’ll also be giving your children a head start on fitness.

You and your family will learn the art of self-defense.

Knowing how to defend yourself can be a life saving benefit. Every year, people are attacked and in many instances, the attacks have unhappy endings. Just knowing self-defense can be a powerful tool to prevent bullying. The self-confidence that comes with it can be quite intimidating to that type of person, whether they’re on the playground or in the next cubicle. That doesn’t mean martial arts classes promote violence. Actually physical violence and altercations are discouraged. It provides the self-assurance it takes to eliminate intimidation and deal with a situation in other ways.

Everyone learns respect in a martial arts class.

Not only will you and your children develop more self-respect as you progress through the classes, you’ll also learn more respect for others. The basic instruction in martial arts teaches respect for opponents, regardless of who they are. This transfers into life outside training. You’ll find most children that take martial arts classes are very respectful of other children and teachers.

Marital arts classes provide a total body workout, improving strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. It improves range of motion as well as improving grace and agility.

Exercise of any form can help improve mental functioning. You’ll often see improved grades. Martial arts training is particularly good for children with ADHD and can keep the mind of an adult sharper for many years.

Taking martial arts classes can help reduce the negative effects of stress. No matter what your age, there’s always something stressful in your life, whether it’s an upcoming speech or an angry customer. The physical activity in martial arts burns off stress hormones before they cause permanent problems.

When the entire family takes martial arts classes, it creates something they have in common to share over dinner. It opens communication between parent and child and between spouses.


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