Martial Arts Concord, CA

You’ll get more from classes in Martial Arts in Concord, CA than just self defense lessons. While martial arts techniques do provide a powerful tool for self defense, it also has many other benefits. This sport is excellent for those who have less body weight or strength. Winning competitions by submitting your opponent doesn’t require strength, but knowledge of the moves that use leverage rather than brute force. It’s an excellent way for women to workout, since strength doesn’t play a role. It also gives confidence and a feeling of empowerment, something that every woman needs.

You’ll learn to stay focused and remain calm, even in the face of danger.

When you face an opponent coming at you rapidly, you learn to slow down the movements in your mind and focus on your next move to submit the opponent. There’s no room for error or knee jerk reactions. Each move is calculated. Your calm demeanor and focus is extremely important. That sense of calm can help you in everyday life too. Attackers don’t have to be muggers or criminals; some are bullies at work who try to intimidate you. Keeping a calm mind and a sense of confidence can stop them in their tracks. The same is true for children who face the classroom bully on the playground. Just having the air of confidence can stop the bully in his tracks.

You’ll have fun and want to workout more frequently.

Learning new moves is fun. You aren’t focusing on how hard you’re working out, but learning the moves. People often find the class time passes too quickly and some even increase the number of sessions they attend each week. Instead of facing the drudgery of 15 minutes on the treadmill, you’re learning to submit an opponent, which can be quite a rush.

You’ll lose weight and improve fitness without even realizing it.

Not everyone takes martial arts for fitness, but everyone ends up fitter because of taking it. Martial arts provide a well rounded exercise program. It offers both aerobic and anaerobic exercise, offering cardio, strength, balance and flexibility training. You’ll also find that pounds seem to melt, even though you may not even change your diet. People who don’t weigh themselves frequently notice their clothes fit looser, not only because of weight loss, but also due to the improved muscle tone. You’ll look better, feel better and be healthier after several weeks of training.

You’ll learn self discipline at a martial arts class. That makes the classes particularly good for children or people trying to eliminate bad habits, such as overeating or smoking.

You learn not only self respect, but also respect for opponents. This is excellent for children, particularly when many other sports encourage bad mouthing.

You’ll be more graceful after you practice martial arts for a while. Just like dancing lessons, they classes help you gain more control over your body.

Martial arts can help you prevent injury. The increased range of motion loosens the muscles, allowing you to move them without stress or damage.


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