Martial Arts Walnut Creek

You’ll have a blast at classes in martial arts at Walnut Creek, but you’ll lose weight in the process. While many women shy away from martial arts, thinking it’s more of a man’s sport, they’re missing a lot and are completely wrong. Men may take classes in martial arts, but the sport is for every one of all ages. It’s especially good for women who want to tone up and lose weight. The sessions burn huge amounts of calories. When you combine the extra activity with a healthy diet plan, pounds seem to melt away.

You don’t need strength to participate in martial arts, but it builds strength.

Martial arts moves entail using moves and strategies to submit an opponent. You use sequenced moves to give you the advantage and leverage more than brute strength. However, the physical activity of the sport helps build strength, too. While you won’t build muscles the same way you would lifting weights, you’ll develop more definition and lean muscle mass. You’ll improve your strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, which can affect you in later life.

You’ll get a full body workout in martial arts classes.

Martial arts moves provide both anaerobic and aerobic workouts. It provides a workout for the cardiovascular system, improving endurance, while it builds strength. You’ll develop more flexibility and range of motion, which can prevent injury. You’ll also improve your balance, not only does that help prevent injury, it can prevent some embarrassing falls. Few forms of exercise provide all these types of workouts at once. The focus in martial arts is on thinking fast and acting fast to submit an opponent.

While it may seem obvious, knowing martial arts can help you protect yourself.

Martial arts classes teach self-defense. The style of martial arts allows the smaller person to have an advantage if he or she knows the right techniques. While it’s not a pleasant thought, each year thousands of women are assaulted. Some of the assaults have horrific outcomes. If you have the advantage of knowing martial arts, you have a much better chance of surviving an attack unscathed than you would without the skills. You also develop focus and a cool demeanor that can help you avert any physical confrontation before it begins.

You’ll develop self-confidence by accomplishing the goals you set in martial arts classes.

You improve your self-discipline, which can help in all areas, including weight loss.

You’ll alleviate the negative effects of stress by burning off the hormones it creates and replacing them with ones that make you feel good, such as endorphins.

You’ll learn your limitations and then find you can attain goals that are far beyond them. Classes in martial arts help you learn just how much more you are capable of doing.


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