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You’ll improve both your body and your mind at Martinez BJJ classes. You’ll also find a valuable tool that can help you defend yourself in a crisis. Statistics regarding assaults to women are alarming. One study shows that one in every six women has been sexually assaulted another study shows that one in four have suffered from assault of all types. Finding an exercise technique that also provides you with the tools to defend yourself puts you in charge of your life and your won safety.

You’ll trim off body fat and replace it with toned muscles.

While you might not realize you’re building muscles because of the intense focus the classes require, you’ll see the results as clothes start fitting looser and you can see more muscle. You won’t build large bulky muscles as you might if you were lifting weights, but sinewy ones with more definition. Because the movements of BJJ are fast paced and continuous, you’ll burn a huge amount of calories, helping weight drop off even faster.

You’ll feel healthier and be healthier.

The health benefits of any form of regular exercise often don’t show as dramatically as weight loss or muscle development, but they’re still there. A regular routine of exercise can help prevent heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and many other serious conditions. As women age, they tend to be more prone to osteoporosis, which exercise can help prevent as well. You’ll have more stamina and energy for all the other activities in your life. One benefit of exercise for women is a reduced pain from dysmenorrheal, menstrual cramps. Studies show that increased exercise helps lower the concentrations of estrogen in the blood, which cause the cramps. You’ll also find the more you work your body, the better you think. Exercise creates new neural pathways and brain cells. Scientists recently discovered just how active and changing the brain is, which the brain’s neuroplasticity is. Exercise helps it change.

You’ll learn to be more self confident and focused.

Submitting an opponent requires thoughtful strategies to help get the opponent in the right position. Your opponent, however, doesn’t sit and wait until you come up with a plan; instead, he or she attacks you rapidly, attempting to subdue you. You’ll learn to calm your thinking and focus on your goal. You’ll also find that you’ll develop a sense of quiet self confidence that changes not only how you look at yourself, but also how other people view you.

BJJ is a stress buster. You’ll burn off all the hormones and brain chemicals from stress and replace them with hormones that make you feel better, such as dopamine and endorphins.

You’ll sleep better at night. A good night’s sleep is important to both health and mental functioning.

BJJ helps you think clearer and improves your health, so you’ll have fewer sick days. It can make a huge difference in your job performance.

You’ll have more fun exercising. When exercising is fun, you do it more frequently. Learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is fun and doesn’t seem like exercise at all.


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