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Martinez martial arts classes can be a great gift to yourself or a family member. If safety is a concern or you simply want a great workout that’s fun, martial arts is perfect. BJJ—Brazilian jiu jitsu—one form of martial arts; is perfect for a woman or child. It uses leverage, not body weight to submit an opponent. No matter how small you are or how large the opponent is, if you know the right moves, you’ll win in any struggle. It’s also one of the fastest growing areas of martial arts because it provides a vigorous workout and helps students shed pounds while getting healthier.

Exercise is important for weight loss.

Everyone has his or her own reason for taking a class in martial arts. Some people want a form of self-defense that doesn’t involve weapons children can secure accidentally. Others may simply want a vigorous workout to aid them in weight loss. Losing weight isn’t easy, but the concept is. You simply burn more calories than you consume. Dieting helps lower the number of calories you consume, but when you combine exercise to the mix, you’re burning them faster. Exercise also builds muscle tissue, which requires more calories than fat tissue does. As you progress, you’ll be burning more calories 24/7.

Martial arts classes teach self-control and self-respect.

Martial arts have a long history that spans a variety of nations. In all cases, the student learned not only respect for their opponent, but also self-control and self-discipline. It’s an important part of the program. The student has to learn self-discipline to develop the concentration and focus necessary to perform all the moves that submit an opponent. The more training you have at the dojo – training area – the more likely these skills will transfer to other parts of life. Of course, as you develop more skills and start looking and feeling better, you’ll also feel better about your self. Studies show that people who start any exercise program have a better self-image, even before there are any visible physical changes.

It isn’t the 1950s anymore.

At one time, women stayed at home raising children, while the man was the breadwinner and family protector. Today, it’s a very different world. Women are often the only ones providing both the nurturing and the income for the family. Not only do they need an outlet to relieve stress and keep them healthier, they need a method of self-defense they can have available when the need arises. Most women don’t want to bulk up and build strong muscles, just in case they have to fight. Martial arts doesn’t build big muscles, but sinewy ones with definition that actually look attractive, while still providing the participant with a weapon that can make the difference between losing a battle with an attacker or coming out the victor.

At martial arts classes, you’ll burn off the brain chemicals produced by stress and replace them with “happy hormones,” such as endorphins and dopamine, which make you feel relaxed and refreshed.

Martial arts classes help you become healthier. Any form of exercise can improve your health and reduce the risk of serious conditions ranging from heart attacks and strokes to osteoporosis.

You’ll learn a calming focus in martial arts class and be able to diffuse potentially difficult situations.

You’ll have fun in the classes. The more fun you have, the more you want to continue.


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