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You’ll get a good workout when you attend Richmond BJJ classes, but you’ll also receive many other benefits. BJJ—Brazilian Jiu Jitsu—is unlike many other forms of self-defense. It doesn’t require you to be strong, but instead focuses on strategy and moves that require leverage to submit an opponent. Helios Gracie, the youngest child of the Brazilian Gracie family, developed the moves because his smaller stature often prevented him from winning judo matches with older and stronger children. He created a technique based on leverage and strategy to win his competition,

You’ll burn up calories easily in the classes.

You get quite a workout when you take BJJ classes. The classes are fun and require concentration, diverting your attention to how physical they are. You’ll be doing strenuous moves that burn calories fast, but unlike other types of exercise, such as treadmills or exercise machines, you won’t get bored and start counting the minutes until you can quit. Most people who take the class find their clothes fit looser in just a few weeks.

You’ll be doing both aerobic and anaerobic movements.

The movements at a BJJ class gives you every a full body workout. You’ll work your cardiovascular system to develop more endurance. You’ll also do moves that improve your flexibility and range of motion, as well as those that improve your balance. While you won’t develop big bulky muscles, you’ll also develop strength. Instead, you’ll develop more muscle tone and sinewy muscles with greater definition. It’s a perfect workout for women and can help prevent osteoporosis, as well as other serious conditions.

You’ll master an art of self defense you have with you at all times.

In today’s world, learning to defend yourself is extremely important. Whether you’re a child on the playground plagued by a bully, a woman who is concerned about muggers or other criminals or simply want a tool for self-defense that, unlike a gun, won’t be used by children or other household members to accidently hurt themselves or others, knowledge of BJJ can provide protection. While it’s a tool for self defense, it also teaches self control and respect for others, which is important for younger students. Unlike any other sport where trash talk is part of the game, in BJJ trash talking an opponent isn’t allowed or acceptable.

You’ll sleep better at night after a workout at BJJ classes.

Learning BJJ is a better way to spend free time than more sedentary activities requiring electronic devices are. You’ll not only get a physical workout, you’ll also get a mental one too.

BJJ can improve focus. Opponents move quickly and you have to calm your mind and focus to plan strategies just as quickly.

You’ll burn off stress hormones during your class and replace them with ones that make you feel good.


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