Richmond Jiu Jitsu

Many people find that Richmond Jiu Jitsu classes provide a great workout, as well as offer an excellent form of self defense. It makes it very important to sign up early to insure a spot in the class you want. These classes are good for people of all ages, regardless of gender. Women benefit from it more than men do, many times, because it provides a method of self defense that doesn’t require strength but leverage, flexibility and strategy. Children reap benefit from the focus it provides and the improved self esteem.

You’ll get a full body workout in a jiu jitsu class.

You’ll be exercising every part of your body, often without realizing. Some of the moves make you stretch, which improves your range of motion and flexibility. It also builds strength and muscles, but doesn’t bulk you up as weight lifting might. You’ll find your endurance improves, since the moves come fast, giving you a cardiovascular workout at the same time. Best of all, because it’s a sport based on strategy, you’ll be giving your mind a workout at the same time.

You’ll learn to calm your mind and focus.

Opponents try to submit you as rapidly as possible. There’s no pause in their attack to allow you to think about your next move. The classes help you learn to calm your mind and focus on the situation quickly to find a way to submit your opponent first. It’s a great way to help children having difficult in school because of a short attention span and can help improve cognitive skills regardless of age, but also helps adults keep their mind sharp and active.

You’ll learn a technique for self protection that you have available at all times.

It doesn’t matter where you live or even how carefully alert you are, sometimes danger lurks waiting for you in the places that seem safe. Some people opt to have a weapon, but unfortunately, when a dangerous situation occurs, they don’t have it available or don’t have the luxury of taking the time to find it. Criminals can use weapons against you or a child might discover them, which can spell tragedy. When you arm yourself with jiu jitsu knowledge, you’re always prepared to handle difficult situations and always in control of your weapon.

Jiu jitsu classes encourage you to respect yourself and your opponent, which is quite different from other sports that use trash talk as part of their strategy. This helps teach children respect for others and makes the classes more enjoyable.

You’ll burn off stress and feel more relaxed after a jiu jitsu class.

Taking jiu jitsu classes can help you lose weight. You burn a lot of calories participating in the sport.

All types of martial art classes provide a workout that’s good for the whole family. It no wonder so many people enroll all their family members and make it a family night everyone loves.


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