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Walnut Creek martial arts classes are not only a great form of exercise for children. It provides a number of other benefits as well. To be good at any form of martial art, it requires more than just brute strength. It takes focus and hard work. Focus isn’t easy to teach. New studies show that exercise, particularly certain types of exercise that require sequenced behavior and memorization, such as martial arts, can help improve a child’s focus, even in children with ADHD. One thing is certain, children pay closer attention to something they enjoy. Almost all our students find the challenge and activity of martial arts is extremely fun and exciting.

Exercise helps build brain cells and neural pathways.

Everyone used to think you were born with all the brain cells you’d ever have, but new studies show that’s just not true. Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to change in positive ways in response to stimuli, such as physical activity, positive experiences and mental exercises. Martial arts provide all three. Children must learn new moves and create strategies to submit their opponent. Conquering many of these moves also provides a positive and pleasant experience.

Children learn self-control, self-respect and respect for others in martial arts classes.

You don’t fly by the seat of your pants in martial arts class. Each move takes calculated strategies, which require a plan of sequenced moves to submit an opponent. That helps build self-control. Learning new moves and becoming successful at self-defense brings confidence. The practice of martial arts teaches respect for all opponents, which transfers to daily life. You won’t find trash talk in martial arts class, as you might with other types of sports.

You’ll start your child on a healthy lifestyle.

Too frequently, children derive all their entertainment from games on electronic devices and don’t get enough exercise. That lifestyle transfers to their adult life. A sedentary lifestyle promotes weight gain and makes the probability of serious conditions more prominent. By encouraging an active lifestyle at an early age, you’ll be giving your child the gift of improved health throughout his or her life.

Even kids face stress. The effects of stress are damaging to the body, but exercise can burn off the stress hormones and replace them with ones that make kids feel happier.

Your child will sleep better at night after working out at a martial arts class. A good night’s sleep is important to both mental and physical functioning.

Martial arts classes provide a good way to help your child socialize. While they may not be able to find anything in common with kids on the playground, in martial arts, all the children are involved in attaining the same goals, making socializing easier.

Martial arts classes teach the importance of non-violent resolution to problems and emphasize avoidance of physical battles as a solution


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